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Sizes and Formats:

We can support images submitted as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF formats. Size limitations for all images is 450 KB. For more information about graphic specifications, please contact us.

Logo guidelines: 

Your company’s logo will appear as part of the completed listing. Logos will be published at 480 pixels wide x 320 pixels high.

Product Showcase guidelines: 

Product Showcase images will be published at 480 pixels wide x 320 pixels high.

Banner ads: 

Whether you use our no-cost creative services department or design your own banner ad, a consultation phone call will be conducted. In addition to our standard image formats listed above, formats for banner ad submissions include Flash (SWF) and animated GIF. File size limitations still apply.

Banner ads must be 750 pixels wide x 98 pixels high.

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